Rise Up

I have always looked forward to the celebration of Ukrainian Easter. It is the most important date in the liturgical calendar, marked with symbolic traditions, set apart in timing and practices from the Roman Catholic church. And with the scythe of war looming over every conversation and each gathering a poignant reminder, these moments ofContinue reading “Rise Up”

This is Why we Fight

As you may have surmised from my recent posts, music and lyrics comprise an important element of my thinking process. The train of thought travels in both directions where an action or a phrase sparks a song; and, a song will forever represent a person, a situation, an event. Images and music are intertwined, joyously,Continue reading “This is Why we Fight”

Blowin’ in the Wind

March 20, the 25th day since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the war rages on. Closing in on four weeks and the images of destruction accumulate, worsening, disturbing.  Each morning I wake to read the BBC news feed on the latest developments, peruse the stories in the Globe and on the CBC, scroll through Facebook. TodayContinue reading “Blowin’ in the Wind”

A Life Lived

*reposted with permission of the author, Dr. Bohdan Kordan Obituary A Life Lived Fenna (Kapeluch) Kordan Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Survivor. Born on April 6, 1918 in Vyslik Velykyj, Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire; died December 13, 2020, in Toronto, under COVD conditions. Fenna Kapeluch was born in the Carpathian mountain village of Vyslik Velykyj during the 1918 fluContinue reading “A Life Lived”