around the world in 24 days

From Toronto to Delhi over the Atlantic; Delhi to Vancouver by way of the Arctic, then across Canada back to Toronto. Oh yeah, we stopped in India for 22 days in between. For those following along, the journey is chronicled in daily posts up until our night in Mcleod Ganj. The subsequent days were theContinue reading “around the world in 24 days”

the bells of buddhism

Everyone meet in the lobby of the hotel at 7:30 am. On the first morning we would participate in a meditative walk through the park and the grounds surrounding the major Buddhist temple in Mcleod Ganj. The park itself is among evergreens on side of the mountain, winding upwards and around, with spectacular sights throughContinue reading “the bells of buddhism”

searching for the dalai lama

They said he wasn’t in town. Our destination was a hotel in Mcleod-Ganj, a suburb of Dharamshala, further up the mountain. Mcleod-Ganj has been the home of the Dalai Lama since 1959 and is headquarters to the Government of Tibet in exile. It is possible to get a meeting with the Dalai Lama provided youContinue reading “searching for the dalai lama”

nine billboards outside dharamshala, india

We said goodbye this morning to our wonderful hosts and staff at the Basunti Lodge to make a trek to Dharamshala. The entire day was one of traveling up and down and around, left and right, a swerve here, a quick move there, with a stop at a Tibetan arts centre and a nunnery forContinue reading “nine billboards outside dharamshala, india”

a lot of miss sunshine

The condensation on the window this morning was probably the first clue. It could have been the stars overhead in yesterday’s night sky, but we know how the weather can change before dawn; or the previous crimson sunset could have foreshadowed the next day, but a hint of morning red suggested another possible outcome, determinedContinue reading “a lot of miss sunshine”