Rise Up

I have always looked forward to the celebration of Ukrainian Easter. It is the most important date in the liturgical calendar, marked with symbolic traditions, set apart in timing and practices from the Roman Catholic church. And with the scythe of war looming over every conversation and each gathering a poignant reminder, these moments ofContinue reading “Rise Up”

Follow You Follow Me

In your armsI feel so safe and so secure Plans are made, hopes are spoken, dreams are imagined. What no one really knows is what follows the wedding day, how the days and years will unfold, where your lives will be lived, when you will be thrown a curveball. Instead, what we had was faith.Continue reading “Follow You Follow Me”

Christmas Present

I remember my first Ukrainian Christmas. Olga and I were not married yet. Although I had met her parents earlier in the summer, visiting Toronto for a weekend, the occasion would be my initial introduction to Olga’s brother, Bohdan. For those unaware, Ukrainian Catholicism follows the Julian calendar meaning Christmas Eve is January 6 andContinue reading “Christmas Present”