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Henry Decock

Toronto, Canada

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Several years ago I had the opportunity to join a work related visit to China. I had traveled before, mostly to Europe for personal vacation, but a trip to East Asia seemed to be a wholly different world. I wanted to share that experience with my family so each night I wrote an email home describing the day. I have been very fortunate to have returned to China on several occasions, as well as Tanzania, and have continued the practice of documenting my experiences. This blog originated with my last major trip to India. The posts became available to a wider audience interested in my musings.

The blog has expanded considerably as I have begun a couple projects to write about my family history and sharing some real life experiences. Retirement has provided me the opportunity to think more, write more, and share more, hoping to capture your interest and intrigue and generate some personal reflection.

I document the life of a missionary uncle in Uganda; reflect on my parents history through photographs; comment on random events; share thoughts on books; and display my motorcycle escapades. The addition of further categories is limited only by my imagination.

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“Enjoying something is a political act.”

Sarah Hemstra, The Red Word

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