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Books 2021

Read about what I have read each month.


The life of Fr. Cees de Cock in Uganda

Honeymoon Sweet

Family history through pictures and stories.


The occasional post about today, tomorrow or yesterday

Motorcycle Diaries

Talking about my new toy

The Writing Corner

Pieces of writing, because I need the practice.

India 2019

A day-by-day account with pictures of our trip to India, November 2019.


Enjoying something is a political act.

Sarah Hemstra, The Red Word

Maybe we will have a better understanding

John Mellencamp, Check It Out

Memory becomes what you need it be.

Craig Davidson, The Saturday Night Ghost Club

Henry Decock

Writing about what I know.

Get in Touch

Henry Decock

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Toronto, Canada

One thought on “Home

  1. Henry,
    Yesterday I discovered your blog. Very inspiring.
    Dikoko wonderings are fascinating!
    I hope to get in contact with you again.


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