You too could be President

It’s after eight o’clock on Friday evening, November 6, three days after the close of the polls and we still do not know who will be President of the United States. I have been following the numbers since Wednesday morning, watching them change as the mailed in and absentee ballots are being counted. I startedContinue reading “You too could be President”

Building pillars

The information about Uncle Kees arrives in dribs and drabs, in no particular pattern and from a variety of sources. The stories from my Dad were the beginning, leading to different forms of inquiry with little basis except that Uncle Kees was part of the Mill Hill Missionaries, stationed in Uganda in the town ofContinue reading “Building pillars”

Life is a highway

I want to drive it all day long. Alas, all good things must come to an end. It was a gorgeous fall day; temperature hit 21, sun and cloud, warm breeze. The forecast was calling for single digit highs and below freezing nights for the next week. It will not be long before we willContinue reading “Life is a highway”

Server to everyone

My Dad spoke often of his older brother, my uncle, Fr. Kees de Cock. Dad would repeat one of three “facts”: a building was named after Uncle Kees; he was recognized by the Queen (of Netherlands); and they named a street after him in Kampala. As a young adult, I took these statements for granted,Continue reading “Server to everyone”

On the road

It is raining heavy this morning and expected to continue until this evening so the next ride will have to wait ’til tomorrow. The day of my maiden voyage was the epitome of a northern fall afternoon. The sun was shining, the air was brisk and the leaves were in full splendour. It was theContinue reading “On the road”

get your motor running

My search came to an end last week and materialized in all its glory yesterday. The month of September dragged on forever. I completed and passed the M1 exit course on the long weekend, qualifying me for the M2. Under the provincial rules, I wasn’t eligible to pick up the upgraded licence until September 27,Continue reading “get your motor running”