“The destination we find ourselves drawn to reflects an underlying sense of what is currently missing or under-supported in our lives. We are seeking, through our travels, not just to see new places but also to become fuller, more complete beings”, so says the chapter, How to Choose a Destination, found in the book, How to Travel, published by The School of Life.

India was presented as one option for Olga to complete the two workshop portion of her yoga teacher training program. We assumed one had to be international. While the other locations promised sun or novelty or European culture, the Esther Myer Studio was going to make just one more jaunt to India, so what better place to fulfill that requirement. For myself, India represented another part of the world where my knowledge and understanding was very limited. I was ready to jump at a chance when it presented itself, professionally or personally. As our lives and the world have evolved since, another opportunity probably will not happen again. This trip had to be India.

In some respects, India chose us.

We were fortunate to have experienced various aspects of the country, realizing full well our journey merely touched a tiny portion of the vast land and the people. We returned more enlightened about the world, their world, and ours.

People have asked whether or not we would visit again. We would not hesitate to recommend India given the sights and insights of our small incursion. Any return would be to another part of the diverse country we did not experience. The world is even bigger with places yet to be explored to help us continue to grow and understand and appreciate the people within their culture. We have many more places yet to travel.

“Travel accedes to its true nobility when we ensure that the physical journey can support a well-defined inner journey towards maturity and emotional health.”

’til the next journey of discovery,


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