and so it begins

The plane left Toronto November 4 10:30 local time, an hour late, landing in Delhi the next day at 10:30 pm. Twenty four hours squeezed into 13, consisting of two and a half movies, an attempt at reading, spurts of shallow sleep, a somosa snack and two airplane meals. The lyrics from David Bowie’s Space Oddity kept repeating in my mind: And here, sitting in my tin can, far above the world. I don’t know if the earth was blue, … or black for that matter since those along the windows kept the blinds closed. The flight tracker showed us traveling across the Atlantic, south of Iceland, through the Scandinavian countries, north past Moscow then south into the series of ‘stan’ countries, over Kabul and arriving in Delhi. Were it not for these details, the flying tin can could have taken us anywhere. We are in India.

Already well past midnight, our vacation starts with a short night sleep and a wake up call at 6:00 am so we will be prepared for our driver to pick us up at half past the hour in order to get to the train station on time.

and so it begins…..

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